Personnel & Vehicle Access Management

Personnel and vehicle access systems
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Manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic with solutions from ATi.
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Vehicle access systems

ATi supply a range of vehicle access systems tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to stop traffic or control it, we will provide you with a seamless and integrated solution. 

Our products include:
vehicle returns

Personnel access systems

At ATi we provide secure personnel access systems, from ID badge systems right through to biometric fingerprint and facial recognition.

We sell a variety of access control systems for large and SME companies. There's sure to be one that's suitable for your premises and budget. Our personnel access management systems include: 
  • Card access
  • Biometrics - Finger print / Facial recognition
  • Secure keypad - Hirsch scramble pad
  • ID badge systems
Access management systems are invaluable for personnel management as well as security. Reports detail exactly when your staff arrive and leave the building, as well as it being recorded if your employees attempt to gain access to unauthorised areas. We provide full training to enable you to get the most out of your security system.

Looking for vehicle or personnel access systems? 
Belfast - Dublin - Ireland

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